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We Provide Customizable business development plan for you.
Our helpful team and quality plans make it easy.

We use a broad range of technologies such as PWA, Electron, Python, JavaScript, HTML 5, PHP, CSS3, Bootstrap,  and ASP.NET MVC. WordPress, Bitrix24, Woocommerce,etc. It will lead your company to the best level. Years of experience and streamlined processes allow us to create functional, well designed, and easy-to-use PWA websites. Clients would experience it like a  iOS, Android, Mac, Window application.

Bitrix24 Professional Consulting

We are the Bitrix Partner, with high-level IT specialists and experienced professionals available at your services. We have consulting services to assist companies to succeed in their businesses and optimize website development.

We would like to help you on the following topics:

  • Cloud or on-premise versions subscriptions and license sales for the
  • Consultancy on licensing, pricing and setup of Bitrix24
  • Online and on-site employee training
Customer Service
Seminars Holding
Public Speech
Overall Satisfaction

We’re always just a phone call away.
Our knowledgeable team can help you with anything you need.

We offer you all kinds of professional technical support for Bitrix24, web development, applications, software and is ready to assist you in setting up and using the Bitrix24 software product.

You could contact our specialists if you need any help in Bitrix24 setup or refinement, web development, applications, software! They will help you not only to deal with the system but also to adjust it to your business process.

Shen Ming Wei

CRM Manager
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Aaron Jing

DATA Specialist
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Abram Wang

Service Manager
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